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2652: That’s a Lady!

with Doug Smith – Doug the Superhero; Keith’s gastrointestinal nightmares; Doug’s family and his one-eyed father; Keith and Cat and dogs vs. Their Landlord; The Mummy reviewed; Chris Brown's documentary; Comedians in Hell June 14, 2017

Show Notes

  • — An American Legend: Doug Smith, who is a direct descendant of Ulysses S. Grant, is in studio
  • — Chinese Food In A Blender: Doug Smith defended a woman being assaulted in public which resulted in him being cut open in the face
  • — That’s Way Worse: Keith compares his recent gastrointestinal nightmares with Doug’s recovery from the face slashing
  • — Freddy Krueger Strikes Again: Doug’s grandfather died in his sleep, leading Doug to assume he would die in his sleep as well
  • — A Family Of Heroes: Doug’s father lost his left eye in a barbequing accident
  • — Fresh Born: Doug discusses his blood sibling and older adopted siblings
  • — Squatter Rights: Keith’s landlord threatens eviction for having 2 dogs in the apartment
  • — The Theater Wasn’t Packed: Keith reviews The Mummy, and the gang discusses Tom Cruise
  • — Not Mary J. Blige!: Chris Brown is releasing a new documentary entitled Welcome to My Life
  • — See You In Hell: Doug hosts a monthly comedy show where he and his co-host create a hell-like environment for the comedians to perform stand up in


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