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2654: Family First

with Jessie Jolles and Lawrence DeLoach – Casey Jones’s drug problem; 30 pounds of impacted feces; Father’s Day; Hann Cowger’s gender; KATG and the justice system; 70-year-old robs bank to go to the prison; Hennessy’s ding update; Man steals bagel tip jar; politeness and price breaks June 18, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Gang Is Back Together: Jessie Jolles and Lawrence DeLoach are in studio
  • — High On Cocaine: Keith’s dog Casey Jones ate a bottle of Adderall just before the show started
  • — Megacolon: A 22-year-old Chinese man had been constipated since birth. Surgeons removed almost 30 pounds of compacted fecal matter.
  • — Half Of A Father: The gang talks about their relationships with fathers and their phone calls with their dads
  • — Gender Neutrality: KATG apprentice Hann Cowger is switching their pronouns to them/they
  • — BAILIFF!: The gang talks about their interactions with the justice system
  • — Life Sentence: A 70-year-old Kansas City man robbed a bank and turned himself in to the cops so that he didn’t have to live at home with his wife
  • — Your Car’s A Pussy: The next chapter of the dinged car saga unfolds. Keith reads the back and forth emails.
  • — Just The Tip: A man attempted to steal the tip jar from a bagel store in Queens. When a worker tried to stop the suspect, he punched him in the face and ran off with the money.
  • — Please And Thank You: A Virginia coffee shop is giving customers huge discounts for being polite to the servers when ordering

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