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2695: The High Road

with Daniel Hartley – The greatest country in the word; weed vs. coke; Google vs. Women; weed suppositories; selling your home to foreigners; archaic laws; smiling bank robbers; deadly amusement parks August 16, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Philippines: Daniel Hartley helps Keith give a shout-out to the best country in the world
  • — Party Rivalry Revisited: The gang reminisces on The Silent Smoking Party vs. The Yelling Coke Party
  • — You Don’t Know You’re Going To Get Fired?: Former Google employee James Damore was fired for posting a 10-page note on an internal Google discussion board criticizing what he called Google's liberal leanings with regards to women. The document cited principles of evolutionary psychology to argue that women are unsuited to be good engineers.
  • — The Snoop Dizzy Suppositories: A Portland man thought he was doing nothing wrong when he lit up a joint in a courtroom. Chemda blows Dan and Keith’s minds when she reveals that there are weed suppositories.
  • — Hard F For Foreigner: Michigan man James Prater is trying to sell his home. But not to foreigners.
  • — Arcane: The group looks into goofy laws. And badgers.
  • — Smile, You’re On Camera: The FBI’s San Francisco office has released photos of a man that loves smiling during his bank robberies
  • — Fire Ball: An Ohio State Fair amusement park ride sends people flying

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