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2714: It Was Bad

with Tyler Snodgrass and Danii Gallegos – Florida residents shoot the hurricane; It reviewed and Stephen King's child gang-bang examined; frat boys kidnapping; man caught masturbating watching The Emoji Movie; Sofia Vergara's battle over her eggs; the highest paid actors in Hollywood; Netflix's weed strains; chef with cancer diagnosis kills friend who introduced him to cigarettes; sober people drinking by accident; Hillary Clinton's new book; fantasy football updates; blind football players and humiliating losses; Keith's 25th high school reunion cancelled September 15, 2017

Show Notes

  • — All Of Shannon Noll’s Friends: Tyler Snodgrass and Danii Gallegos, who co-produce a podcast with Shannon Noll, are in studio
  • — Shoot At The Wind: Amid the hurricane in Florida, police warn people not to shoot at the storm as way to send it away after a Facebook event titled Shoot at Hurricane Irma garnered 54,000 replies of interest
  • — From The Perverted Mind Of Stephen King: Keith gives a very animated review of the movie It. He also reads some of the passages from the book It where the 10-year-olds participate in an gang-bang.
  • — We Still Love You?: Tyler and Danii had a friend drunkenly confess to them that he took somebody hostage with some of his fraternity brothers
  • — Sexing Up The Kiss Face: Abraham Parnes, 43, has been charged with lewdness after a mom reported he was masturbating in the back of the theater during a screening of The Emoji Movie
  • — Custody Battle: Sofia Vergara is making sure her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb can't use her frozen eggs without her written consent
  • — Highest Paid Men In Hollywood: Forbes came out with a list of the highest paid actors of 2017
  • — Netflix And Super Chill: Netflix is legitimately in the marijuana business
  • — Hot Headed: Indian Chef Mustakeem Ahmad was so mad about his throat cancer diagnosis that he shot his friend who introduced him to cigarettes
  • — Bikinis And Martinis: Keith accidentally drank whisky
  • — Getting Political: Hillary Clinton is releasing a book titled What Happened which details her experience losing to Trump in the 2016 election
  • — The King Of Shit Talking: Keith gives an update on his fantasy football ass-kicking
  • — The Blind Side: The University of Southern California has a long snapper on their football team named Jake Olson who is legally blind
  • — Crushed: The Saint John’s Johnnies football team beat St. Scholastica 98-0 by scoring 4 touchdowns in the first quarter, 5 in the second, 3 in the third, and 2 in the fourth
  • — We Have Been Organizing It For Years: Keith reads a sassy message from one of his high school classmates who cancelled their 25th year reunion

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