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2721: Birthright

with Gianmarco Soreski – Gianmarco's father's unconventional jobs; being heterosexual and loving musical theater; friends coming out at theater camp; Israel and Birthright; Keith's horrible skydiving experience vs. Gianmarco's wonderful skydiving experience; laying on the Italian; divorced parents and their dating choices; woman charged with manslaughter for injecting toxic materials into other women's butts; Chemda's teen legal battle; toddlers hit with foul balls at baseball games September 25, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Italian Jew: Gianmarco Soresi, oy marone, is in studio
  • — Junkyard Dad: Gianmarco’s father ran a company that cleaned up oil spill. He now runs a company that recycles metals from abandoned houses and sells them to China.
  • — Mamma Mia: The gang discusses Gianmarco's love of musical theater, men and women in that setting, and people coming out of the closet in theater camp
  • — Make Him The Good Hummus: Gianmarco raves about his experiences at Birthright Israel
  • — Jello Legs: Gianmarco had a wonderful experience skydiving, Keith had a horrible experience skydiving because his harness was way too tight, and it cut off circulation to his legs, making them go numb.
  • — He Just Really Loved The Godfather: Gianmarco’s father is only 1/8th Italian but acts like he is pure-blooded
  • — Family Matters: Gianmarco’s parent’s got divorced when he was 7 days old
  • — He Goes Young, I Go Old: Gianmarco likes older women, while his father prefers women in their 20s
  • — Shove It Up Your Ass: Tamira Mobely pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree manslaughter and 2nd-degree assault for injecting black market material into women’s butts with shocking results
  • — Caught Red-Handed: Robert McGeehan, a U.S. Post Service employee, has been charged with stealing more than $75,000 in federal workers’ compensation benefits after he claimed to be unable to work due to a wrist injury and then posted videos of himself zip-lining and rock-rappelling on social media
  • — Bitch, Bitch, Bitch: Chemda got into a minor car accident as a teen, and her friend who was in the car feigned injuries and sued Chemda’s family
  • — Splash Zone For Bats and Balls: A young girl was taken from Yankee Stadium on a stretcher after being struck in the face with a line-drive foul ball

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