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2765: Lady Bird

with Dan Perlman and Kevin Iso – The merits of Lady Bird; Bollywood beheading rewards; Navy draws sky-dicks; suggestive Catholic statues; cokehead teacher vs. annoyingly smug student; 64% of adults are afraid of the dark November 29, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Happy Birthday To Everybody: We have new guests Dan Perlman and Kevin Iso in studio
  • — Written With Empathy: Dan explains the merits of the film Lady Bird to Keith
  • — A Chappelle Minute: A member of the Hindu nationalist party offered $1.5 million dollars to anyone who beheads the lead actress and director of the unreleased Bollywood film Padmavati
  • — What If You Drew That Dick In India?: A Navy member or members drew a member in the air using their jet fumes. Washington state had a big huge penis in the sky.
  • — For The Loaf Of God: Blackfriar’s Priory School in Adelaide, Australia has had to cover a school statue because of the extremely suggestive pose involving an old man and a young boy
  • — Frosty The Snowman: Indiana high school teacher Samantha Cox was arrested on drug charges after a student named Will Rodgers took video of her sniffing cocaine in the classroom. The gang listens to audio of the boy and takes the teacher’s side.
  • — Snowflakes: A new study has come out showing that 64% of adults are scared of the dark, even in their own home

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