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2793: The Situation

with Asterios Kokkinos and Jay Nog — Drunk guests, anniversaries, and newborns; Jets Robby Anderson tells cop he’ll nut in cop’s wife’s eye; Jersey Shore’s The Situation busted for tax fraud; Texas Flip N Move’s host Toni Snow a racist; President Trump’s cognitive and physical tests; Stormy Daniels tells all about sex with Trump; #metoo humor and an app to help with sexual consent; the horrific abuse of the saved 13 California children; Keith is 43% fluent in Spanish; comedian Maddox sues Asterios for $380 million; working with a pedophile January 21, 2018

Show Notes

  • — One Drunk Minimum: Asterios Kokkinos and Jay Nog are in studio. One of them is drunk.
  • — It’s Saturday Night!: Asterios is celebrating his 1 year anniversary with his much younger girlfriend
  • — Child Abuse: Jay just had a son, and he is raising him as a Jets fan and damning him to a future of disappointment
  • — The Poor Hamptons: Asterios recounts his childhood
  • — Nut In Her Eye: Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested in Florida for driving over twice the speed limit. During his arrest, he threatened that when he got out of the arrest he was going to find the officer’s wife, fuck her, and “nut in her eye.”
  • — We Have A Situation: Michael ‘The Situation' Sorrentino from The Jersey Shore faces up to 5 years in prison for tax evasion
  • — Slip Of The Tongue: Toni Snow, host of the reality TV show Texas Flip N Move, asked a buyer on TV if they were going to “Jew them down.” The network left the comment in and aired the show.
  • — I Walk, I This, I That: Dr. Ronny, the White House physician, claimed the president's mental and physical fitness tests came out outstandingly
  • — Oh There’s Piss Video: Embarrassing stories of Donald Trump’s past intermarital affair with porn star Stormy Daniels have surfaced, including an instance where Trump asked Daniels to spank him with a rolled up Forbes magazine that had him and his family on the cover
  • — Azizing: The gang reviews one of Jay’s more controversial tweets about #metoo, and they discuss reflecting back on sexual experiences
  • — Legal Fling: An app is being created that sets up a document that sexual partners can sign before they hook up that explains what a partner is and isn’t into
  • — Not The Van Trapps: Revolting details have surfaced about the living conditions of the 13 children of Louisa and David Turpin
  • — Nugg MD: Asterios has received complaints from his neighbors for smoking pot in his apartment
  • — Haven’t Gotten To Numbers Yet: Keith has reached 43% fluency in Spanish according to his app
  • — Legal Fees: Ex-colleague and internet comedian Maddox is suing Asterios for $380,000,000 over damaging his reputation
  • — Red Flag: A listener shares an experience with a pedophile who also recommended the movie Secretary to them

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