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2819: Crazy Train

with Lecy Goranson – Life on Roseanne; failing acting class; the paparazzi vs. social media; littering and the death penalty; dating as a celebrity March 1, 2018

Show Notes

  • — What A Treat: We have Lecy Goranson, Roseanne’s original Becky, back in studio
  • — People Get New Couches: Lecy discusses her experience shooting and promoting the reboot of Roseanne
  • — Bong Hit Major: After being on a #1 show, Lecy failed out of acting class in college
  • — Invasion Of Privacy: Lecy recounts being stalked by paparazzi and gives her thoughts on how social media has changed the tabloids
  • — Waitressing: For the SXSW festival, ABC will be recreating a rendition of the restaurant Lanford Lunch Box from Roseanne
  • — Live In A Dump: Lecy and the gang discuss littering and the death penalty
  • — Always Waiting For The Crazy Train: Lecy discusses dating as a celebrity


Lecy GoransonLecy Goranson

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