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2825: Could Justy Dodge Cancer

with Justy Dodge and Shauna Lane – Keith and Justy’s volatile friendship; breast cancer, chemotherapy, and new leases on life; teaching; 5 tourists killed on helicopter sightseeing tour; learning to swim; a 30-pound tumor; man dies jumping out of the car of a drunk driver; gay-conversion therapist caught having gay sex with patients March 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Ladies’ Night: We have veteran Justy Dodge and Surf Reality pal Shauna Lane in studio
  • — Cheers: Keith and Chemda read their text message correspondences with Justy
  • — Cancer Doesn’t Have Me: Shauna had breast cancer, had the tumors removed, and is now undergoing weekly chemotherapy
  • — Elective Treatment: Chemda discusses her reasons for choosing not to receive radiation treatments after her tumor was removed. Shauna and Chemda discuss their new leases on life while Justy has a panic attack.
  • — What Guns Are You Looking At?: Shauna tutors children. She gives her take on the recent school shootings and explains how she hides her illness from the children.
  • — Crashing: A tourist helicopter crashed into NYC’s East River killing all 5 passengers. Shauna tries to convince Keith that she can teach him how to swim.
  • — Bigger Than A Football: Kevin Daly forced doctors to look at a problem with his stomach who, after having to insist on a CAT scan, found a 30-pound tumor that took 4 hours to cut out
  • — Drinking And Dying: Arif Hoosein jumped out of a moving car because his girlfriend, Savittrie Beria-Lackhan, was driving drunk. Once out of the car, he got struck by another vehicle and died.
  • — A Dick A Day: A Canadian psychiatrist who practiced gay-conversion therapy was found guilty of having sex with his male patients, saying it was to cure them of their disease

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