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2989: Sry I Dipped w/ Dan Soder

Therapy; Keith's long-lost friend; weed vs. opioids; Pete Davidson; long-distance relationships December 3, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Tell Me I’m Good: We have Dan Soder in studio rejecting all compliments and discussing his years of therapy
  • — I’ll Drink For Us Both: Keith recaps the drunken messages he got from a long-lost childhood friend
  • — Trippin': Chemda discusses her recent mushroom trip, and the gang talks about the villainizing of weed and psychedelics while the opioid epidemic continues
  • — Sry I Dipped: Dan is friends with Pete Davidson, and he discusses how to be there for a friend in the public eye
  • — Being Myself: Dan is happily in a long distance relationship


Dan SoderDan Soder

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