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3016: The No Fly List w/ Atheer Yacoub

Middle Easterners and America; Chemda's Uber driver; banning upskirt photos; man defends masturbating saying he was simply scratching crabs; To Catch a Predator host's law troubles; DMX out of jail; man with family kicked off flight over odor January 29, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Cindy: We have Atheer Yacoub in studio commiserating with Chemda over the challenges of growing up Middle Eastern in America
  • — WHO IS THIS?!: Chemda left her bag in an Uber by accident and recounts the insanity that was trying to get it back
  • — You Have A Daughter: It has just now become illegal to take upskirt photos in Britain after Gina Martin, 26, campaigned to ban it after a man placed a phone between her legs and took a photo
  • — In Other Creep News: A Florida man was charged with exposing and pleasuring himself in the pillow section of a Walmart, claiming he wasn't masturbating but rather scratching himself because he had crabs
  • — Broke: Chris Hansen, host of To Catch a Predator, was charged with bad checks and, separately, evicted from his home
  • — Half A Dog: Rapper DMX is out of jail after serving time for tax evasion
  • — The World Parts For You: Yossi Adler of Detroit was asked to leave a plane that he was on with his family because his body odor was unbearable
  • — Arranged Marriage: Atheer and Chemda discusses the misogyny that is pervasive in Middle Eastern culture
  • — Bloody Sheet: Atheer is engaged to a fellow Palestinian. She discusses the wedding planning process and some of the odder Middle Eastern wedding traditions.


Atheer YacoubAtheer Yacoub

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