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3019: Task Rabbit and Other Dating Apps w/ Jessie Jolles

Dating a therapist; what celibacy taught Chemda; men and penis sensitivity; stalking and YOU; Ariana Grande's twice miswritten tattoo; man caught by police through his bragging tweet; how to respond to a sneeze February 5, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Swipe Right: We have Jessie Jolles in studio giving us an update on her newest ingenious dating app idea
  • — Getting In Touch With Stuff: Jessie gives an update in her recent relationship with a therapist and discusses what Chemda has learned so far during her celibacy
  • — High Anxiety: Jessie and Chemda discuss how sensitive men are when you see their dicks for the first time
  • — Creepin': Australian police officer Adrian Trevor Moore was arrested for using the police database to snoop on women he met on dating apps. The gang discusses how to properly court somebody without being strange. The group talks about the stalker series YOU.
  • — I Like Sushi?: Ariana Grande got Japanese characters tattooed to her hand that she believed read 7 Rings. It ended up reading Japanese Finger BBQ.
  • — Kill Yourself: Wanted criminal Chris Mitchell mocked the Burlington Police by posting that warrants are a game of hide and seek. The police immediately won the game.
  • — Chemda!: Listener Mike asks what he should do instead of saying 'bless you' after people sneeze


Jessie JollesJessie Jolles

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