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3034: Did You Drink All the Fresca w/ Emily Lubin

Circumcision; first time at a sex party; using your fluids as perfume; flying for sex March 5, 2019

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Show Notes

  • — Slice And Dice: We have Emily Lubin in studio discussing the recent outrage she received on Facebook after posting a joke about circumcision
  • — Research: Emily recounts her recent and first experience at a sex party
  • — The Honey Pot: Emily has been fingering herself and putting her juices on her pulse points to attract men. She swears it works.
  • — No Fly Zone: Emily developed a romantic relationship with an internet penpal and flew out to Maimi to hook up. Things were less than stellar.


Emily LubinEmily Lubin


Emily Lubin
Emily Lubin
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