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3465: From a Distance w/ Mary Jo Pehl

Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Mary Jo Pehl joins KATG to discuss being a teenager working at an assisted living facility, being robbed at gunpoint(?) while working at a 7-Eleven, and what she learned about handling terrible situations as an adult. NEWS BREAK: The judge in Wisconsin shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial says lawyers cannot call the 2 people Kyle killed “victims”. Mary Jo discusses an uninvited fan showing up at her home, and Keith and Mary Jo discuss their history with the Catholic Digest. NEWS BREAK: The Passion of the Christ’s Jim Caviezel is a QAnon speaker, Alec Baldwin’s prop gun that killed a cinematographer had been used earlier with live rounds by the crew to shoot cans and bottles for fun, and an art collective is selling a 1954 Andy Warhol sketch along with 99 fakes for $250 each without you knowing if you’re buying the real one or a fake. Oh, and October 27, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Mary Jo Pehl
  • — Working at an assisted living center as a kid
  • — Being robbed at gunpoint
  • — Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial
  • — The Catholic Digest and Ugly Mary
  • — The Passion of the Christ’s Jim Caviezel (Jesus) is a QAnon speaker
  • — Alec Baldwin’s deadly prop gun was used by the crew with live rounds to shoot bottles and cans for fun
  • — How you can own a $20,000 Andy Warhol sketch for $250
  • —


Mary Jo PehlMary Jo Pehl

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