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3543: Top Gun w/ Dustin Nickerson

New guest, comic, and former youth pastor Dustin Nickerson joins Keith and Chemda as they discuss the May 2022 Texas elementary school shooting, the capturing of the NYC Q Train shooter, and violence begetting violence. Also, Keith saw a special viewing of Top Gun: Maverick, and Maverick still has a problem with authority. With that said, when he’s right … oh man he’s right. May 25, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Keith pays off a decade old speeding ticket
  • — The May 2022 Texas Elementary School Shooting
  • — Dustin Nickerson, youth pastor
  • — Handymen and lack of “manly” skills
  • — The May 2022 NYC Q Train shooter is captured
  • — Dave Chappelle’s on-stage attacker says he was inspired by Chris Rock
  • — Keith was unknowingly part of a Top Gun: Maverick special viewing and he has the poster to prove it

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