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3833: Good Luck, America w/ May Wilkerson and Danny Vega

KATG legends Danny Vega and May Wilkerson delight us as we watch America burn. The trio discusses family dynamics, THE FUCKING PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!!!, Joy and Anxiety, and Am I the Assholes. We also hear the latest from Felix. June 29, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Family dynamics and being an only child
  • — The June 2024 Presidential Debate feat. Felix
  • — Inside Out: Joy and Anxiety
  • — The Bear season 3
  • — Am I the Asshole: A family celebrates a vegan’s moving away with an all meat BBQ
  • — Am I the Asshole: Porsche 911 owner sends everyone home from his cookout after brother-in-law accidentally runs into his car


No longer cute
No longer cute
May Wilkerson (right) in love
May Wilkerson (right) in love
Joy and Anxiety
Joy and Anxiety

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