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Brent Terhune

Comedian known for his satire videos and host of the podcast Field Trip w/ Brent Terhune
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KATG 3315: What on Flat Earth? w/ Brent Terhune

Let’s Make a Deal; Keith’s Black Panther date revisited; Keith’s girlfriend’s right-wing nutritionist; The Redneck You Love to Hate; overeating and playing games; the U.S. will not join the global effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine; The Man Show’s Adam Carolla vs. The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford; Trump brags about RNC ratings; Michigan sheriff investigates Facebook poster that called him a “fat ass who needs to go on a diet”; Keith told his dad about; Chemda’s estranged mom sent her a care package with no personal note September 2, 2020


Brent TerhuneBrent Terhune

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