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Lori's Mother, Jan

Lori's Mother.
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KATG 888: The Simple Life

What are you most disappointed in her about? January 29, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Chris and Lori break up
  • — Jan's husband cries at her singing
  • — Growing up on the farm: Potty mouth!
  • — The Fanciest Rehearsal Dinner
  • — Spooky vs. Intern Mike
  • — Please tell me about your naked jello stories, homosexual man
  • — The World ISN'T Getting Worse
  • — Small Town Banks: Take my money!
  • — You can steal anything in Minnesota
  • — Smile and Argue
  • — Stop killing your whole family please!
  • — The Bread Winner: What's yours is mine, what's mines is mine too
  • — Raccoon bites off man's penis: When I saw the raccoon I thought, Let's have some fun!
  • — Man flings poo at jurors and lawyer
  • — Goomba's Pizzeria: Owner strikes customer with gun
  • — Paris Hilton is a really strong person
  • — Lori is a brat
  • — Joaquin Phoenix is a rapper, for real

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