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Ash Cash

F-MOS' financial adviser.
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KATG 899: Real Talk

I get it; you got AIDS. Let's play some music. February 13, 2009

Show Notes

  • — F-Mos supports AIDS
  • — F-Mos drinks the haterade
  • — V-Day Cards: Happy Birthday Saint Valentine
  • — Holiday Celebration: What exactly IS a gift?
  • — The Recession: Ash Cash gives financial advice
  • — Cuffin': The solitary confinement of love
  • — Getting to Know Yourself: Black masturbation
  • — Maury: I am one thousand million percent sure, Murray
  • — Friday the 13th number 12: If you cut your hair on this day someone in your family will die
  • — Another Plane Crash: 49 people dead, 4+9 = 13
  • — Getting high on Nutmeg: I can see the wind
  • — Octopussy: You're paying this bitch's bills!
  • — Selma Hayek breastfeeds your baby
  • — Your child is a secret
  • — Ash Cash is jealous
  • — Ask Dina: Friends with benefits does not work; Your jokes are more racist than jokey

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