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Gabe Henry

Manager/booker at NYC's Littlefield and the creator of Eating Salad Drunk: Haikus for the Burnout Age by Comedy Greats
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KATG 3514: The Boss w/ Gabe Henry

Gabe Henry joins KATG to discuss his new collection of haikus from comedians: Eating Salad Drunk: Haikus for the Burnout Age by Comedy Greats. The trio also discusses the roles of a manager in regards to violence from patrons, Tom Brady returning to the NFL as a quarterback, and Chemda’s Movie Corner featuring 2011’s Contagion. Keith puts Congress on notice, and a man sets his car on fire to distract from him stealing beer and Red Bull. March 14, 2022

Show Notes

  • — KATG listener letter
  • — 2 people stabbed in NYC’s Museum of Modern art
  • — Tom Brady out of retirement after a month and a half
  • — Contagion the Movie
  • — Man paid $520,000 for Tom Brady’s Last Touchdown Ball hours before Brady’s NFL return
  • — NYC’s Con Edison’s extreme price jump
  • — Donald Trump vs. my $7
  • — Wife Swap
  • — Congress will hold a hearing on if members of Congress are allowed to trade stocks
  • — Man sets car on fire to distract from stealing beer and Red Bull


Gabe HenryGabe Henry

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