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Elon James White

Comedian known for founding the website This Week in Blackness.
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KATG 935: Bad EYEdeas

I got shot in the face. April 8, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Pronunciation: Love means I can say your name wrong
  • — Black People Time: The plight of punctuation
  • — Passover: Hebrew is not the soothingest of languages
  • — Keith's Cookies: Chemda's Moooommmmmm sends Keith a birthday gift
  • — American How Ya Doin': Oh, me goodness brrrrrmmmmpt
  • — Rescue Me: He already fucked everyone in the city...
  • — No One Cares About the Plot: Battlestar Galactica wasted my life
  • — Ghetto Speak: Why you sound like the teachers, son?
  • — Aye Papi: You're calling me your dad, do you know that we're fucking?
  • — Copyright Infringement: Your song that I stole completely lacks originality
  • — I <3 My Marriage: Man strangles wife with his sense of humor
  • — Beer and Meat: You sold your 14-year-old daughter for $16K
  • — No Pill-Popping At School: Everyone knows your daughter is a whore
  • — A Drunk vs. A Child: Who would win?
  • — Get Over Yourself: You can't deal with a fart? You're an athlete!
  • — A Jew and A Black Don't Know: Easter is when He died, right?
  • — Scumbag Fight: Creepy Woody Allen is pissed that Creepy American Apparel used his likeness
  • — GQ is Gay?!: Robert Downey Jr. wears heels
  • — Race is a Factor: I hope you don't mean what I think you I mean
  • — Instigating: Yeah, I'm going to be raped, but mind your fucking business
  • — Life Without Parole: 14-year-old stabs his brother to death
  • — Do Not Read This: You got shot in the eye for gossiping

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