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Kyle Kinane

Comedian and the man behind Dream Police and Detroit Rock City
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KATG 3671: Song & Emotion w/ Kyle Kinane

New guest Kyle Kinane joins the duo to discuss stand-up albums with clever track titles, Drunk History, definitely not being an alcoholic, and the Holocaust Museum. Cheers! May 22, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Big city parking
  • — Comics and clever track titles feat. Cheap Trick, KISS, N.W.A, the ingredients to a hot dog, and the 16 personality types
  • — Drunk History and alcoholism
  • — The Holocaust Museum
  • — Montana becomes the first U.S. state to ban TikTok
  • — Schools ban backpacks so that kids won’t hide guns inside them
  • — Tesla (the good one)
  • — Supposed 2,000-year-old Israeli stone tablet receipt was discovered
  • — The end of The Boogie Monster


Kyle KinaneKyle Kinane

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