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Peyton Clarkson

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KATG 2743: Momentum

With Peyton Clarkson — The roller-coaster of sobriety; divorce, presents, and parents; Swiss investment adviser and racist Marc Faber; a resort for solely obese people; a $1,000 New York bagel; The Walking Dead celebrates their 100th episode with zombies on your commute; man sentenced to 3 months in Dubai for accidentally touching another man’s hip; your next step in life; Eminem vs. President Trump; comedy audiences in small towns vs. big cities October 26, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Welcome Back: Our buddy Peyton Clarkson is in studio
  • — Another Red Light: Peyton discusses his struggles with drinking and why he goes in and out of sobriety
  • — Breakup With Paperwork: Keith and Peyton compare their divorce experiences and family dynamic
  • — White Jabba The Hut: Swiss investment adviser Marc Faber made racist comments about how America is economically successful because the majority of the population is white
  • — I Don’t Know How You Have Any Listeners: Entrepreneur James King opened a resort in the Bahamas that is tailored specifically for people who are obese. The gang discusses if a resort condoning obesity is irresponsible or if making negative commentary about it is rude fat-shaming.
  • — Hold The Gold Please: The Westin New York Hotel is selling a $1,000 bagel with Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly, and gold leaf flakes
  • — Ruining Your Commute: To promote the 100th episode of The Walking Dead, actors dressed up as zombies flooded the subways of London
  • — Bullshit Countries: Scottish tourist Jamie Harron was detained in Dubai for public indecency and threatened with 3 months imprisonment after accidentally touching another man on the hip to steady himself and avoid spilling a drink in a crowded bar
  • — Be Careful and Don’t Worry: A young listener writes in for advice on whether or not to go to college and how to deal with uncertainty about their life path
  • — Fifty Shades Of Orange: The gang cover the ups and downs of Eminem and President Trump’s relationship
  • — Road Rules: Peyton discusses what it is like to perform for crowds on the road vs. crowds in major cities

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