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KATG 3698: Barbie 2: I’Mattel on You w/ Danny Vega and Shannon Dee

Am I the Asshole?’s Danny Vega is joined by his new co-host Shannon Dee. Together the group discusses Chemda’s positive COVID test (and voice), the death of Pee-wee Herman, Chemda’s review of the Barbie movie, and some tantalizing Am I the Assholes. July 31, 2023

Show Notes

  • — Chemda’s COVID adventures
  • — Paul Ruebens aka Pee-wee Herman dead at 70 from cancer
  • — Chemda reviews the Barbie movie
  • — Keith reviews Oppenheimer
  • — Am I the Asshole?: Man insists his girlfriend should make a good first impression on his family by cooking in the kitchen with the other women associated with the family
  • — Am I the Asshole?: Waitress publicly chastises customer for tipping only $1 per shot
  • — Am I the Asshole?: Roommate locks other roommate out of their apartment because a camel spit on her

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