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Reverend Jen

Performance artist known for her role in the Lower East Side arts scene and for curating the Lower East Side Troll Museum.
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KATG 1816: Carlos Danger

with Rev. Jen July 23, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Regular Masochism: Reverend Jen, the author of the new book BDSM 101, is in studio
  • — Danger Zone: Anthony Weiner, writing under the pseudonym Carlos Danger, engaged in more sexting and genital sharing
  • — Bet On Black: Chemda recaps Peter Grossman and Sarah Temech's bachelor/bachelorette party in Atlantic City
  • — The Rift: Keith and Peter discuss a problem between The Malleys and The Grossmans related to the two couples' weddings
  • — Two Faced: Jen was fired from her job in the Lower East Side's Tenement Museum for 'insubordination' after she accidentally smashed her face open in the street
  • — FIfty Shades Of Jen: Jen's new book talks about her drinking her own urine and says it tasted like tears; Keith drank his own urine and heartily disagrees
  • — Slippery Slope: A known pervert who downloaded child porn gets to walk free because the feds were given a search warrant for the wrong apartment and searched his anyway
  • — Fund The Right Kickstarter: Spike Lee is Kickstarting his new film; Jen tried to Kickstart $400 for costumes for her new movie and didn't reach her goal
  • — True Hero: George Zimmerman saved a family of 4 from an overturned vehicle


Reverend JenReverend Jen

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