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Performance artist and host of Faceboyz Open Mic at Surf Reality, where Keith and Chemda met.
Faceboy has been on 24 shows

KATG 2317: 2016 47-Hour Marathon: Let Me Clear My Throat

with Hannibal Buress, Christian Finnegan, Tim Dillon, and Faceboy - Super Bowl 50 bets; calling in medication; Hannibal visits Japan; dealing with the press; stand-up vs. acting; being starstruck; Tim’s dieting and sobriety; boycotting the Oscars; Surf Reality; black strip clubs vs. white strip clubs; modern-day Oedipal complexes; Angry Birds The Movie February 5, 2016

Show Notes

  • — The Cats Over The Horses: Keith lays out his Super Bowl bets and makes a bet with Chemda, which listeners will decide
  • — Call It In: Keith and Chemda discuss the ineffective methods doctors use to give people medicine. Keith’s doctor saw Kevin Allison’s ass picture on Keith’s phone.
  • — Thank You For Your Service: Keith congratulates Hannibal Buress for taking down Bill Cosby
  • — I Ate A Lot Of Stuff: Hannibal discusses visiting Japan for the first time
  • — Comedy Camisado: Hannibal talks about the press run-up to his new special
  • — Not Cracker Barrel Famous: Hannibal discusses his level of fame, stand-up work vs. acting work, and what he would like to do next
  • — I’ve Scored 40 Points With You: Hannibal and Christian Finnegan get starstruck around athletes and musicians.
  • — Baby Steps: Tim Dillon is still in his ‘selecting the diet’ phase
  • — The Spectrum: Tim discusses his sobriety; Hannibal will take some Adderall if you’ve got it
  • — Thank You, I’m Having A Party: Hannibal doesn’t think we need to boycott the Oscars
  • — Satan: Tim reveals who his type is
  • — Death Is An Ending Where There’s No Tomorrow: Faceboy joins the show and reads another of his poems
  • — Tears Or Tits: Hannibal talks about the time he visited Surf Reality
  • — Your Dick Is A Tastemaker: Hannibal prefers black strip clubs to white strip clubs
  • — Oedipal Arrangements: The gang discusses being sexually aroused around their mothers
  • — That’s Gonna Be Bank: Hannibal’s upcoming projects, including the Angry Birds movie, are discussed

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