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Rob Paravonian

Comedian and musician known for his song Pachelbel Rant, which was viewed over 12,000,000 times on YouTube.
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KATG 1540: We ARE Better

To learn more, shove your dick in my mouth. February 24, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Blame Each Other: Keith and Chemda had to do the final edit for What Do We Do Now? after they had broken up, but the audio book is updated and accurate
  • — Paying For Stage Time: The sponsor for the show is promoting himself in the KATG stand-up contest, but he hasn't submitted yet
  • — Think Ahead: Chemda is opening for Keith's stand-up show next year
  • — My Own Grandmother: Listeners wrote in protesting the attitude of Keith and Chemda toward Chris Iacono living with his grandmother. Keith and Chemda then sent said listeners to their room.
  • — Unnecessary: Chris Rock bumped a comic at an open mic to practice for his Oscars set
  • — Honorary: Tyra Banks got a degree from Harvard Business School and no one is supposed to question it
  • — Theorize: Stephen Hawking goes to sex clubs after cheating on his wife online
  • — Poisoned Brain: California surgeon Michael Niccole gave his daughter Brittani breast implants himself for her birthday after giving her a nose job
  • — Disgusting: Rob Paravonian wrote a song about how pointless and wrong lobbyists are
  • — Impulse Control: Chris Brown, still on probation, grabbed the iPhone of a person who tried to take a picture of him
  • — Poetic License: Tim Dimond shows us the rap battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort
  • — James Very Blunt: Rob sings about creepy, creepy love
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Keith hands Tim his KATGuh Award courtesy Josh Latta

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