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Ted Alexandro

Comedian known for his appearances on Conan, Late Show with David Letterman, and for his webseries Teachers Lounge.
Ted Alexandro has been on 19 shows

KATG 2764: Men Are from Hell, Women Are from Venus

with Ted Alexandro and Andrea Allan – Soft speakers in arguments; relationships with big age differences; KATG induces breakups; the non-apologies of sexual predators and comedians reactions to Louis C.K.; Pat Dixon revisited November 28, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Our Favorite Guest Ever: We have class act Ted Alexandro in studio
  • — Why Aren’t You Mad?: Ted is very soft spoken and non-confrontational, and he discusses how this contributes to arguments with his spouse
  • — Age Gap: There is an 18-year age difference between Ted and his wife, and he discusses how they met and his early reservations about her being so young
  • — KATG Changes Lives: 31% of the listeners were influenced by KATG in their decision to break up with a romantic partner
  • — When Rehab Strikes: Ted gives his opinions on public figures being outed as sexual predators and their non-apologies, including Louis C.K. He discusses how fellow comedians in his social group are reacting to the outing.
  • — Witch Hunt: Chemda asks Ted if he would handle their interaction regarding Pat Dixon differently now
  • — Resident Creep Whisperer: Andrea comes on mic to share her experiences of her peers’ reactions to the Louis C.K. outing


Ted AlexandroTed Alexandro

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