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KATG 1042: Better Than You

You're a shit-box. How can I be clearer? September 15, 2009

Show Notes

  • — The Sassy Lord: I think Christ might have been hilarious, maybe it was: Turn the other cheek, you asshole.
  • — Religious Experiences: I like to go to the mall dressed as Jesus during the holidays
  • — Exiled Demons: You couldn't find more fucked up people in the world than in an AA room
  • — WTF?!: If you know me, you'll know all the studio equipment I'm practically stealing (Air America)
  • — Bargain Entertainment: A podcast is free, so people have no problem shitting on it faster
  • — Clinical Douchebags: You're a child, why don't you let the grown-ups talk, please stop emailing me
  • — Infinity Sad Face: I can barely settle with a haircut, I can't imagine something I would permanently put on my body
  • — Fuck You, Scottish: What do you do with your black people? Is that was haggis is?
  • — Dry Drunks: I really want to drink, but remember the time I killed someone and fucked that fat girl?
  • — Humor Critics: Anytime a good comic goes a little insane on stage, it's awesome
  • — Getting It Out: This little old Italian lady couldn't be sweeter, she screams in her apartment saying horrible, racist things
  • — Off The Record: President Obama calls Kanye West a jackass and the world shits itself in time
  • — The Business Of Entertainment: He said mean things, but he didn't pull his pants down and try to fuck Taylor Swift
  • — Swedish Addiction: I don't want to smoke cigarettes, but I love nicotine
  • — Mind Your Business: How do you say something when a husband decides to smack a bitch?
  • — People Are Just Racist: We should give those people their own state, take away all government from them and watch how quick the cluster-fuck unfolds


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Snob Jesse Joyce
Snob Jesse Joyce
Fried Negroid Balls or "Haggis"
Fried Negroid Balls or "Haggis"
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Pete Holmes
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Chris Rock
They are similar
They are similar
Kanye West does not care about white people
Kanye West does not care about white people
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