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Marc Maron

Comedian known for his IFC television series Maron and for his podcast WTF.
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Classics 1: Black Comedy

with Marc Maron December 22, 2014

Show Notes

  • — In Our Good Moments And Bad: Marc Maron, who doesn’t believe in God but doesn’t think He would mind that Marc sarcastically read today’s prayer, is in studio
  • — Nazi Saturday: Keith and Marc discuss the movies Defiance, Valkyrie, and Downfall
  • — Chosen Doesn’t Mean Nothing: Marc and Chemda bond over their Jewish upbringings and how they were taught the world hated them for being Jewish
  • — I Was Just Up Counting Quarters: Marc talks about the time Andrew Dice Clay bailed one of his friends out of jail
  • — When’s Marc Maron Gonna Make It?: The gang discusses Marc’s career and the common career trajectories most comedians tend to follow
  • — Steal Factor: Marc thinks selling out like Joe Rogan is a bigger issue than stealing jokes like Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia
  • — The Angry Blank: The characters Marc portrays in movies tend to be very mad
  • — Brokeroom Live: The gang discusses Marc Maron’s Air America shows and the struggle of making a living doing what you love
  • — I’m Gonna Ride It Out: As of yesterday, Marc is 10 years sober
  • — Her Bed Was Filled With Childrens' Toys: Marc used to hang out and sleep with KATG guest and Troll Museum curator Reverend Jen
  • — You're Such A Girl: Marc discusses his ex-wives and how great he felt after walking past one with his new girlfriend
  • — You Cry In Front Of Her Yet?: Marc brought his model girlfriend to the studio


Marc MaronMarc Maron

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