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Chris Iacono

Comedian known for his appearances on Jennifer Lopez's Glow After Dark show and the web series Rise of the Radio Show.
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KATG 2053: Unnecessary Roughness

With Chris Iacono – Tattooing your penis; Colorado and her marijuana; deleting the free U2 album; Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson updates; how to deal with police; Urban Outfitters’ Kent State sweatshirt; Miss America; Bruce Willis’ daughters pose erotically; Lindsay Lohan handles Whitney Houston’s corpse September 17, 2014

Show Notes

  • — The Return of Snakedick: Chris Iacono, for the first time in more than 2 years, is in studio
  • — They Call Me Brooklyn: Chris moved to Denver because he was sick of the NYC stand-up comedy scene and to help his friend start a new business
  • — Mile-High: Chris talks about the process he went through to get his medical marijuana license and how great it is to be a stoner in Colorado
  • — Worldwide Distributed Ledger: Chris made high 5 figures by investing in Bitcoin
  • — New Heights Of Mediocrity: Apple has released instructions for users wanting to delete the free U2 album from their library
  • — Greatest Hit: Ray Rice is planning to appeal his suspension from the NFL, who postponed a Rihanna performance set to air during a Baltimore/Ravens game, much to Rihanna’s consternation. Chris Brown took it upon himself to offer Ray some advice.
  • — Switching It Up: Newly reinstated Vikings player Adrian Peterson beat another of his kids more than a year ago. Other NFL players have recently been arrested on domestic violence charges.
  • — Crotchety: A Philadelphia Phillies pitcher grabbed his crotch while his own crowd booed him and was suspended for 7 games. Former baseball player and racist homophobe John Rocker is a contestant on the new season of Survivor
  • — Daniele Chained: A black actress who appeared in Django Unchained was arrested on suspicion of being a prostitute after kissing her white boyfriend in public.
  • — But It’s Fake Blood: Urban Outfitters is in hot water for listing a 'vintage' blood-stained Kent State sweatshirt for sale
  • — Miss 'Murica: Miss New York was crowned Miss America
  • — Rich And Bored: Bruce Willis' daughters posed for some very erotic topless photos together
  • — The Body Guard: Lindsay Lohan worked in a morgue as part of her court-ordered community service and claimed she handled Whitney Houston's body bag, which the LA coroner's office denied


Chris IaconoChris Iacono

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