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Shane Mauss

Comedian known for his appearances on Conan, Comedy Central Presents, and for hosting the podcast Double Date.
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KATG 2645: Trip Advisor

with Shane Mauss – Everything you want to know about dissociatives; 7th-grader named ‘most likely to become a terrorist’ June 5, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Walking Bag Of Drugs: Shane Mauss, who carries a backpack of drugs on him at all times, is in studio
  • — The Weather And The Packers: Shane was very rebellious when he was growing up in a conservative small town
  • — The Christmas Mushroom: Shane took an amanita muscaria mushroom before recording
  • — Tame The Tumor: Hennessy made Rick Simpson Oil out of cannabis for Chemda to treat her after her tumor was removed
  • — Relapse Moment: Shane talks about recovering from severe injuries, trying to learn how to date, and how relapsing on alcohol helped him get through life
  • — Treat Yourself: Shane partook in a Ketamine treatment
  • — The Tongue Is Basically A Dick: Shane learned that he was horrible at oral sex
  • — Five Showers: Chemda talks about her most recent acid trip with HubbyButt
  • — If At First You Don’t Succeed: Cary Grant took LSD over 100 times to process his emotional problems with his mother
  • — Reefer Madness: Lionel Richie’s bassist, Ethan Farmer, ate weed edibles, had a violent reaction, and started stabbing himself
  • — Close Enough To Me: 7th-grader Lizeth Villanueva was awarded a certificate for ‘most likely to become a terrorist’ by her teacher


Shane MaussShane Mauss

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