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Suzy McCoppin

Actress, journalist, and sex columnist for Playboy Magazine.
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KATG 1160: In Da Club

We're the only white people in here! Holy shit! We can get beat up any time! This is awesome! April 12, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Put A Dunce Cap On It: The world's tallest garden gnome fell 3 feet short of the actual tallest gnome
  • — The Party Girl: Suzy McCoppin becomes the Party Girl at Playboy Magazine even though she never gets into parties
  • — On Screen Sex: Suzy explains there is patch taped on the poon and a sock placed on the wang
  • — Rock Of Love: Suzy's mom plays Bret Michaels, every day of her life is a fucking party
  • — Falling Stars: Tiger Woods comes in fourth place at tournament, no one paid attention to golf stats before so we don't now if that's good or bad
  • — Starfuckers: Suzy talks about being a tabloid reporter and banging celebrities
  • — Kyle Gets Carded: Kyle gets drunk and yells, We're the only white guys in here!!! In a room full of Blacks!!!
  • — It's Going To Hit: Keith and Newsy jump into subway tracks and wonder how people die on them
  • — The Polls: The Bad Boy of Comedy choices were: He's the fuckin' baddest, and: Huh?
  • — Catty Bitches And Buddies: Marina Franklin is a jealous woman-hater and Crazy Mike Mattera is your gay buddy
  • — Split Personalities: Black comedians are consistent on and off stage, other comedians are cunty
  • — Baby Comedians: Victor tries to justify working with comedians who don't care, don't show up or don't come prepared
  • — Making Progress: Conan O'Brien moves to TBS preceding The George Lopez Show
  • — Designing Women: Dixie Carter dies, she was the cunt that was better than everyone
  • — Six Year Romance: Suzy was bulimic, but she looks good now so whatevs
  • — Oops!: The Polish president and 95 others were killed in a plane crash on their way to a memorial
  • — Good For Him: The Steelers quarterback accused of rape wasn't charged with rape
  • — Shooting Feat: A gun instructor missed his target and shot himself in the thigh


Suzy McCoppinSuzy McCoppin

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