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Baron Vaughn

Comedian known for his appearances on Netflix series Grace and Frankie, Fairly Legal, as well as the films Cloverfield and Black Dynamite.
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KATG 2473: The System Is Broken

with Baron Vaughn – Grace and Frankie; Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot; the audition process; polyamory; beauty and race; Chemda’s tumor update; therapy and your parents; laughing at others’ pain; memory lane with The Awkward Comedy Show September 18, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Nwabudike: Baron Vaughn, from Chemda’s favorite show Grace and Frankie, is in studio
  • — MST4K: Baron discusses his appearance in the upcoming Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot and why there are so many terrible movies out there
  • — A Toe In Every Pie: Baron talks about moving from New York to Los Angeles to get into the acting business, and he walks us through the auditioning process
  • — Itchy McScratchy: Baron accidentally ate peanuts before performing and suffered an intense allergic reaction on stage. He’s also allergic to dairy, cats, dogs, and cologne.
  • — The Polyamorous Spree: Baron is inclined to pursue open relationships while his girlfriend would prefer to be monogamous
  • — We Are The World: The gang discusses societal perceptions of beauty and race
  • — Chemda Cancer Update: Chemda’s tumor is not attached to her heart but she might lose part of her lung. Her thymoma led to a terrible 24-hour bout of diarrhea.
  • — Conscious Competence: Baron goes to individual therapy with an ex-comedian therapist, and couples therapy, where he and his girlfriend work out their issues with their parents. Baron is making a documentary about the search for his birth father.
  • — Benign Violation: Andrea Allan can’t help but immediately laugh when someone falls. Baron explains the science of laughter.
  • — The Awkward Awkward Comedy Show: Baron goes down memory lane with his last KATG appearance and tries to explain Chemda’s tension with Marina Franklin


Baron VaughnBaron Vaughn

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