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Kelly Wallace

Comedian and actress known for her web series Kelly and Lindsey Do New York.
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KATG 1422: Spooning and Forking

I don't mind getting hit in the face, but I know it's coming from a very fun place. July 8, 2011

Show Notes

  • — It Can’t Get Better: The Space Shuttle Atlantis launched and people pretend to give a shit
  • — The Mission: Keith enjoyed Band of Brothers, but why didn’t they wear their helmets sometimes?
  • — You Can’t Live Here: Hitler’s birthplace has revoked his honorary citizenship. Too little too late?
  • — Stay Strong: Firefighter Chick found a dead body in her hot tub and now she doesn’t know what to do
  • — My Window: Lindsey’s sister was a wild child, sometimes making Lindsey pee into a cup so she could pass a drug test
  • — Innocence: Kelly dated a 24-year-old when she was only 16
  • — For Me?: Micah Sherman did a weird thing when he gave Keith flowers
  • — Don’t Tell: A woman tried to kill her roommate with an antifreeze smoothie, and a snitch allowed her to be caught
  • — Weenies: Kobayashi cheated in his bootleg competitive eating
  • — Out Of Line: The News of The World has hacked over 40,000 people’s phones and mined their personal information for gossip and news
  • — Bad Throw: Shannon Stone died after falling from the left field stands while trying to catch a ball tossed to him at a Texas Rangers game
  • — Dicknatized: According to a study, women are more into hot and heavy sex than men, who prefer cuddling and tender kissing
  • — Arcade Fire: A real band or an SNL skit?
  • — Daddy Issues: If your girlfriend loves you more when you treat her like shit, she shouldn’t be your girlfriend
  • — You Fat Cow!: A woman is inspired to lose weight by a burglar who tried to tie her up but realized his rope wasn’t big enough to fit around her disgusting fat body

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