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Stuckey & Murray

Musical comedy duo known for appearances on The Chelsea Handler Show, Attack of the Show!, and their albums We Tried, and Mythical Fornication.
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KATG 1823: Stuckey at Work

with Jon Murray August 1, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Where's Stuckey?: Jon Murray, from Stuckey and Murray, is flying solo in studio
  • — Carry The One?: Michael Khalili has an easy trick for finding out how much somebody makes per year
  • — The Music Man: Murray can play anything he hears
  • — Andy Stuckey, RIP: Murray plays sans Stuckey for the first time on KATG
  • — Double OH GOD 7: A Canadian stroke victim now orgasms any time he hears the James Bond theme music
  • — Get It?: Blue Jasmine is Woody Allen's highest grossing film, and Keith is sure it's because of Andrew Dice Clay
  • — The Greatest City On Earth: Anthony Weiner only has 67% voter recognition
  • — Flyergate: A flyer promoting Bill Thompson, another NYC mayor candidate, features a man flipping off the camera in the background
  • — You're Going To Hollywood: Simon Cowell knocked up his friend's wife
  • — Lead Singer Syndrome: There are now 2 versions of Queensr├┐che touring
  • — Wha Ha Happa?: Keith doesn't think the striking fast-food employees deserve a raise
  • — Top Shelf: T.G.I. Friday's has been fined $500,000 because 8 New Jersey restaurants served rubbing alcohol & food coloring and called it scotch
  • — Bedside Manner: 80,000 'never events,' inexcusable actions in a health care setting, have occurred between 1990 and 2010
  • — Yeah Right: Keith got into a Twitter argument with @clownbabyy over where Earth got its water from. @clownbabyy says it came from ice comets. Keith doubts it.

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