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Our favorite New York City based booty-bass DJ named Eliel.
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KATG 1200: The Guest House

When I fuck a cow, I think, 'Safety first.' June 15, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Your Swag: Who would buy Bud Light flip flops? Several people in the room, apparently.
  • — Consumerism: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide, it's their best shave yet, again
  • — Dropping Hints: Jamie Lee and Jesse Joyce make it to the next round, but I wouldn't bet on them
  • — Emotional Conductor: Keith tells Newsy how to feel on Salvia
  • — Your Alone Time: 51% agree with Chemda that it's healthy to live away from your lover in the guest house
  • — Why Men Cheat On Their Wives: A fan is upset that his wife gives him less attention after the birth of their son
  • — Why Get Married?: Romance is dead, marriage is a contract, getting down on one knee is for douches
  • — Ashley Madison Stadium: A website where people go to cheat and not get caught wants to name a stadium
  • — Brosom: Ben Lerman asks Diane's Boobs how to get rid of his man-boobs
  • — Your Cajones: A Mexican matador was arrested after breaching his contract and running out of the bull ring
  • — Cow Drowning: An 18-year-old Indonesian was caught banging a cow because he was seduced by it
  • — American Hero: A 52-year-old with a sword was found in Afghanistan hunting for Osama Bin Laden
  • — Helen Thomas Retires: Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Germany and Poland
  • — Mayonnaise Bandit: Police believe they caught a notorious criminal who pours condiments into library drops
  • — Jackass: A woman assaults Bam Margera after he called her the Black N-word
  • — Just Switch Gas: BP Gas Station owners should just switch to a different brand, it's that easy

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