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Adrienne Iapalucci

Comedian known for her semifinalist appearance on Last Comic Standing.
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KATG 1216: Titty Abuse

I am fighting these children and breaking their nose. July 9, 2010

Show Notes

  • — A Team Player: LeBron James picks Miami, Ray DeVito and Cleveland are sad
  • — The Shawshank Redemption: Keith enjoys Brooklyn's Finest even though it is more than an hour and a half long
  • — Torturing Pests: Keith kills half of the bug's body and talks to it, in case it can hear
  • — By The Book: Cops and firefighters are not pleased with portrayals of them on TV
  • — Poison Ivy 4 The Secret Society: Keith's penis thoroughly enjoys these movies
  • — The Time Traveler's Wife: Imagine you're in love with someone and then they disappear all the time
  • — A Melter: Bret Michael's new album is shit, featuring Miley Cyrus
  • — Your Mom's Basement: Adrienne's boyfriend has been having his own recession for a while
  • — Your Drunken Self: 12% of fans have blacked out more than ten times
  • — Women's Lib: The fan who punched his girlfriend while drunk writes explaining the many scenarios where he fought for woman's rights
  • — What Women Want?: Mel Gibson's lawyer will make a presentation to prove Mel is innocent in spite of everything suggesting otherwise
  • — Did I Do That?: Jaleel White punches his wife in the implant, perhaps by accident
  • — The Lindsanity Continues: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer quits and Michael Lohan is right by her side on television to judge her
  • — On The 6: Jennifer Lopez isn't really from the South Bronx, she is misrepresenting
  • — Blood Diamonds: Naomi Campbell is called as a witness in a War Crimes Tribunal for receiving diamonds in South Africa
  • — Netherlands vs. Spain: Germans want to kill the World Cup's psychic octopus because its predictions are accurate
  • — Getting Older: 28% of fans believe a 10-year-old black belt can beat Keith up
  • — Suicide Enablers: Adrienne's boyfriend hides pills so that Adrienne won't kill herself

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