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Mark Normand

Comedian known for his appearances on Last Comic Standing and Conan, and for hosting the podcast Tuesdays with Stories.
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KATG 2186: Have a Nice Day

with Mark Normand and Danny Hatch – Working for Amy Schumer; learning lessons on psychedelics; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split; the Boston Marathon bomber dies June 24; George Pataki running for president; The Rock sets Guinness world record for selfies; Tom Hardy takes back revelation that he’s enjoyed men; Bon Jovi rediscovered; Danny’s subway fight; Jen Kirkman on Louis C.K.’s sexual indiscretions; Hillary Clinton’s religious background May 29, 2015

Show Notes

  • — The One And Only: Mark Normand, the funniest guy around, is in studio
  • — Inside Amy Schumer: Mark opens for Amy Schumer and is a frequent guest on her show, but they've never had sex. He has, however, dived headfirst into the road vagina pool.
  • — Get Muddy: Mark is going to Bonnaroo to do mushrooms and have sex with hippies, but he and Keith don’t understand how people learn things on psychedelic drugs
  • — Gone Girl: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are living separate lives, and apparently have been for some time
  • — Pay-Per-View: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, will be sentenced to death on June 24
  • — Save Your Money: Former New York governor George Pataki is running for president
  • — Furious 105: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson set a Guinness world record after taking 105 selfies in 3 minutes
  • — Film Actors Guild: Tom Hardy revealed in an old interview that he’s experimented sexually with men and has definite feminine qualities before years later claiming it was all taken out of context
  • — These 5 Words: Bon Jovi let Keith down
  • — Spider-Woman: Danny saves the day on the subway
  • — She Seems Fun: Jen Kirkman all but called Louis C.K. out by name for his sexual indiscretions on her podcast
  • — God Is Good: Hillary Clinton is very religious according to a pastor/potential vote she had a conversation with at a bakery in South Carolina

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