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Bird watcher and every person in Hamlet.
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KATG 1281: 10001110101 IN 3-D

I happened to masturbate to this woman just the other day. October 28, 2010

Show Notes

  • — No Need For Nerds: KATG broadcasts for the first time in 3-D, and Keith discovers how to write in binary code
  • — Bachelor Party: Mike turns on the laughs to impress Keith, but he doesn't get invited to Jesse Joyce's wedding
  • — The FunTouchables: Mike's wedding is ruined by a blackout that spanned across 7 states
  • — Speak Now: Keith gets nervous at weddings when the priest makes the marital last call
  • — I Saw That: Mike is a bird watcher, the most interesting hobby in the universe
  • — L'Chaim: Cesar celebrates life and gets KATG Tattoo #78
  • — The Last Three Birds: The KATG Hottest Girl contest is down to the finals. Titties be praised.
  • — Little Fockers: Hollywood's airbrushing and Photoshopping habits are out of control
  • — Capri Anderson: Charlie Sheen's hooker was actually a porn star
  • — Shame: Mike makes his wife feel bad for looking at his porn magazine
  • — Knee Braces: Keith's dad writes a letter to Keith about his ongoing knee problems
  • — Steakhouse: Smart and nerdy people get enraged when things don't make sense to them
  • — I Hate Music: Nerds can't enjoy music because it does not compute
  • — Tears of a Clown: Keith had to fake cry to get rides from his parents
  • — The Pink Panther: Keith's Dad can't accept gifts without giving them some weird hidden meaning
  • — 2010: A court in Saudi Arabia puts a genie on trial
  • — Zombie Bears: Bears in Russia are digging up dead bodies and eating them because there is no more food
  • — Miles and Miles: Cemeteries are a waste of space, but not as bad as art museums
  • — Macbeth: Saying the name Macbeth aloud in a theater is considered bad luck


Mike BirchMike Birch

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