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Laura Regan

Musician behind Bridget and the Squares and owner of NYC's Footlight bar
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KATG 3256: Man on the Moon - Part 5 w/ Dave Hill, Chris Gersbeck, Jake Flores, Alex Ptak, Kyle Thompson, and Laura Regan

Keith’s dad, The Riddler, has taken us to an all new season of Cat’s Cradle: Season 3. This part of the year-long mega-saga features 6 entertainers and The Big Reveal. April 10, 2020

Show Notes

  • — The Hosts: With Chemda, Keith gives the audience a quick summary of his dad as the mega-saga continues.
  • — Dave Hill and Chris Gersbeck: Chemda sums up the history of The Dad Emails, and Dad tells Cat she should bugger off. Keith comes clean. Dad dares Keith to prove he loves him, threatens taking Keith to court, tries to turn Keith against Chemda, tries to make Keith feel bad for hurting his mother, and tries to make Keith feel even worse for letting down God. Keith starts a new email thread to ask his dad how he’s doing.
  • — Jake Flores and Alex Ptak: Despite Keith revealing the shocking truth, Cat still sends Father Malley another email: “One more for old times’ sake?” Will Keith and his dad see each other in person ever again?
  • — Kyle Thompson and Laura Regan: Museum manager and trained historian Noah looks back at Father Malley’s past, namely his so-called work in magic. The articles are laughable, shocking, and scary about the great Dr. Dr. Dr. Prof. Rev. Michael Malley, ESP scholar. Also, Keith’s dad can see the future.
  • — The Hosts: Oh look! Dad’s also a linguistics expert! Also, Dad reaches out: “How are you doing in this Covid-19 Environment?” Keith responds. Dad ignores everything again and writes Keith on Keith's birthday to condemn Keith's attitude. Keith ties up this crazy year in a tiny bow: Fuck off.

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