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Leah Bonnema

One of The Huffington Post's favorite female comedians; known for her appearances on VH1 and WeTV.
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KATG 1393: The Rapture

How many women have you tasted? May 20, 2011

Show Notes

  • — See Ya, Cumwads!: Keith is convinced he's going up to hang with God when the Rapture comes, and that Chemda and Leah Bonnema definitely are not
  • — Pinocchio: Black Hebrew Israelites hate everybody, but maybe right before The Rapture they'll be nice
  • — What's The Difference: Mark Normand doesn't see the difference between being nice and lying
  • — Feedback: Comics don't want direct feedback, and when Leah got some, she hunted down her naysayers
  • — The Other Cheek: Leah's fiance loves confronting people about littering
  • — Your Rights: Laws in favor of gay marriage are always overturned, which kind of ruins any excitement that happens
  • — Bursting His Last Blood Vessel: Macho Man Randy Savage had a heart attack while driving and crashed into a tree. Rest in peace.
  • — Just Jokes: Melancholia director Lars Von Trier loves being a Nazi and sympathizes with Hitler
  • — Very Helpful: Jane Seymour opens her Medicine Woman mouth and tells us she knows Arnold Schwarzenegger has other out-of-wedlock children
  • — Jerk: Keith hates L.A. Noire
  • — Pants On Fire: Kerry Campbell, the mother who was injecting her daughter with botox, was actually lying about all of it. Or was she?
  • — Help Me: A listener wants Keith to do his school project
  • — All Over The Place: Leah has dated women, but is monogamous with her man, so it hasn't been an issue
  • — What We Needed Most: Titanic is going to be re-released in 3-D next year


Leah BonnemaLeah Bonnema

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