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Kurt Braunohler

Comedian known for hosting the television game show Bunk and the podcast The K Ohle.
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KATG 1387: Raise Your Voice

What a sketchy sketchy answer. May 12, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Choices: Kurt almost became a priest, but became a professor instead, then a comedian
  • — I Want To Be A Teacher: Keith's careers are determined by whatever is around him at the time
  • — Programmed: Keith is pretty sure he killed Kennedy in the latest Call of Duty, and after beating Medal of Honor, he's looking forward to another visit to GameStop
  • — Connecting: It shouldn't be so hard to play with your friends online
  • — Just Lie: Kurt lied his way into an 8 year computer job without knowing what he was doing
  • — More Choices: Should the kid who fired the BB Gun at his classmates have gotten expelled? Either way, he should get into the military for being able to shoot six kids that quickly.
  • — Cut To The Butt: Let's have a moment of silence for all the vaginas that got cut to the butt during birth
  • — Being Up Front: Kurt was in a 13 year relationship that ended 3 years ago
  • — Wrinkles: The girl who's mom gives her botox injections gets interviewed on Good Morning America
  • — Bristol Palin's Big Fat Face: Bristol Palin got a ton of work done, but denies it like the rest of them
  • — Too Fat To Fly: If you ate too much, then you don't get to ride the airplane. Is that out of line?
  • — Too Fat To Act: On what planet is Kirstie Alley a Size 4?
  • — A Will Smith Problem: Will Smith's trailer for Men In Black III is fucking stupid huge, and it's upsetting New Yorkers
  • — See Something: A guy on the 6 train gets naked and starts attacking people on the train and platform
  • — Enjoy Your Burrito: Cops allow a woman to go through the drive-thru and get her food before arresting her for a DWI
  • — Megan Wren: Tom Sizemore's girlfriend has disappeared. Tom?

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