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Michael Carrino

Former host of the Juvenile Brain Trust podcast, formerly known as Armchair Kid Nation.
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KATG 1763: Empowered

It's the one where she's blowing the guy, she threw up, and she uses it as lube. April 23, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Shining Stars: Michael Carrino and Andrea Allan, who both killed it on the KATG 2013 Stand-Up-Athon, are in studio
  • — Elevate Me Later: A victim of the DUMBO Elevator Catastrophe of 2013 writes in to express what a nice time she had during KATG Week
  • — Feminasty: Andrea's fertile sex life prompts a discussion about the nature of female empowerment and the paradox of sluttiness
  • — Armchair Curse Nation: Michael was removed from his children's life for a month because he hosted a podcast with them with frank talk and coarse language. This case was later dismissed because the judge recognized good lessons within Michael's content.
  • — Off The Record: Chemda feels the fallout of her comments about how goofy vinyl users are

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