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Jared Logan

Comedian known for his appearances on Comedy Central Presents and Best Week Ever.
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  • — Starting Strong: Jared Logan, who appreciates KATG's short theme song, is in studio
  • — Teleprompted: Jared talks about the experience of filming a half-hour comedy special for Comedy Central
  • — Hero's Journey: Jared's once-upon-a-time ex-girlfriend, who heard him talking about her on an earlier episode of KATG, got mad at him for what he said and then took him back in
  • — The Long Con: Jared's thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, forever immortalized in the KATG show notes, came back to haunt him
  • — Pope-A!: Jared is a history-buff and knows a lot about The Pope and The Borgias
  • — Mystery Walk: Chemda is afraid of her hypothetical future children eating McDonald's and would like to reward them with walks instead of fast food
  • — Welcome To West Virginia: Jared's mother hates his stand-up and was afraid it would make people think he was gay, but she still cared about whether or not he died when Hurricane Sandy hit
  • — Brotherly Love: Jared's younger brother, who doesn't think Jared has a legitimate career, is getting married and asked Jared to be his best man
  • — Again?: Chemda and Lauren went to eat soup dumplings but had to contend with a very rude employee; Keith and Jared also share some of their negative customer service experiences
  • — Love And Marriage: Keith's wife constantly asks him about conversations he has with other people, which greatly irritates Keith
  • — Tree-ping: Some religious fanatics believe trails of insect excrement are actually magical tree-tears, sent by God
  • — The Great Gig In The Sky: Virgin Airlines will now feature live stand-up comedy as in-flight entertainment, which Keith is thrilled about


Jared LoganJared Logan

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