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Mike Sacks

Author of And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Humor Writers About Their Craft, and Poking a Dead Frog.
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KATG 1436: Paranoid

Something's off, 'cause I don't understand this whole story, and I should be able to. Goodbye. August 3, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Hot Enough For You: A Japanese inventor is selling air-conditioned clothing
  • — Reverse Claustrophobia: Despite his country origins, Keith needs the crowded excitement of a city
  • — You Too: And he's a bad small-talker despite being a talk show host
  • — Like-Minded: Mike Sacks used to be very insular and relatively unable to connect to people
  • — Fist Pound: Mike has OCD and absolutely has to wash his hands before eating
  • — Nuh Uh: Chemda feels she had a good childhood but was semi-traumatized anyway
  • — Work Ethic: Mike has found that all authors are depressed, and 70% of comedy authors have OCD
  • — Emerald Pellot: Emmy wrote an article for Pop Matters titled When Reality TV Is Real... No One Is Watching
  • — Transcendent: Keith believes that The Bachelorette is another level of stupid over other reality TV
  • — Scripted: Keith and Chemda don't do scripted content on the show because they don't see the appeal
  • — No Escape: Living in a one-room apartment with your significant other is fun and magical


Mike SacksMike Sacks

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