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Jeffrey Joseph

Comedian, actor, and writer known for his appearances in the films Scrooged and Roxanne.
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KATG 1645: The Civil War II

This is the best time of all times. C'mon, let's face it. August 31, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Political Humor: Jeffrey Joseph couldn't stand the Republican National Convention despite Clint Eastwood's lovable, doddering manner
  • — Cocaine And Breathing: 5-hour ENERGY reps made their product out to be medicine in a recent commercial
  • — Dimmer Switch: Chemda decided to stop dodging people in public and commit to everyone running into her
  • — Haha Too Bad: Jeffrey encountered a panhandler with a laptop
  • — Vehement: With tears in his eyes, Keith advocates a second Civil War and a divided nation
  • — Weapons Policy: A deaf Nebraska student was told to change the way he signs his name as the current gesture resembles a gun
  • — Squishy Fart Noise: The Justice Department contested the publication of the book detailing Osama Bin Laden's assassination
  • — Tits Are Still Tits: The National Catholic Register removed an interview with a priest who claims teenage boys seduce sex offenders
  • — Deal With That: Keith declares that all good Christians are bad people
  • — Is Space Stupid: The forums had a lot to argue over on the subjects of space and periods
  • — KATG VIP: The spin-off shows are in fine form

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