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Comedian known for his appearance on Conan.
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KATG 2283: Saucy

with Myka Fox and Mike Recine – Mike’s pasta sauce; Creed and levels of happiness; Donald Trump’s lies; Quentin Tarantino lies about being in jail; Sinéad O'Connor’s suicide note; Charlie Sheen’s straight and gay sex tapes; Man shoots waitress for saying there’s no smoking; revenge December 3, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Sauceless: Myka Fox and Mike Recine, who didn’t bring the homemade pasta sauce he’s very proud of, is in studio
  • — Mushroom Sauce: The bathtub in Mike’s apartment was so dirty that a mushroom started to grow in it
  • — Let Me Explain My Happiness: Despite being Italian, Mike has never seen any of the Rocky movies. Creed, the 7th Rocky movie, has been getting good reviews but Keith isn’t excited because he never gets excited. The gang discusses their happiness levels.
  • — Pure Fiction: Between tweeting a meme with blatantly false crime statistics, claiming he heard Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11, and erecting a monument to a fake Civil War battle on his golf course, it's looking like Donald Trump might be insane
  • — Pulp Fiction: The Los Angeles Country Sherriff’s Office refuted Quentin Tarantino’s claim that he once spent 8 days in jail for traffic tickets
  • — That’s A Shame: Sinéad O'Connor posted a suicide note on Facebook, but she’s fine now
  • — Queer As A Two-And-A-Half-Dollar Bill: As it turns out, most of Charlie Sheen’s hush money was spent trying to suppress at least 5 sex tapes featuring hardcore drugs and straight and gay intercourse
  • — Square Head: A man shot and killed a Waffle House waitress after she asked him to stop smoking inside
  • — I’m Gonna Kill Someone You Love: Myka and Mike talk about how they would get revenge on Myka's roommate

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