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KATG 1525: Fucking Michal

We have 30, 40 people me and my girlfriend have to fuck! January 30, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Super Shitfaced: Cursing Michal had a shitshow of a weekend with a smelly-titted woman with the pungent puss and dookie from the butt
  • — Autistic: Keith took a ride with his broker's mother and daughter, all three squeezed in the back seat with no one in the front
  • — Her Idea: Keith originally planned with Cat not to pick her up from the airport, but he's caving to peer pressure and doing it anyway
  • — Two-Hand Touch: Keith isn't a fan of the Pro Bowl where no one wants to get hurt and everybody wins
  • — No Clue: Christina Aguilera sang some alternate lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner and everyone who bet on her singing won
  • — You're Invited: $800 to $900 million is lost in revenue on Friday the 13th because people take off work, and 7,000,000 people don't go to work the day after the Super Bowl
  • — Oops: Keith got his bike back from Kyle and she ain't so pretty no more
  • — Flat Tire: Kyle stayed at Chemda's while she and Lauren were in Maui and took her car out without permission
  • — In The Dark: The captain of the Concordia cruise ship had dinner with a female guest after hitting the rocks that would go on to sink the ship
  • — Ma'am: Demi Moore had to go to the hospital claiming exhaustion, but apparently she was smoking synthetic weed and huffing nitrous oxide
  • — Psychotic: The founders of Pinkberry met a homeless guy with a tattoo of people having sex and beat the homeless guy with a tire iron for being disrespectful
  • — Botched: Dean from Australia liked the most recent episode of What's My Name, but he warns against gender reassignment surgery in Thailand
  • — RU486: The listeners voted unanimously that Deandre's girlfriend was trying to scam him with a fake pregnancy



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