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Josh Latta's new love. And a home-wrecker? Now that's a strong word. Who's to say?
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KATG 1493: Love & Marriage

It's very hard to believe this. November 14, 2011

Show Notes

  • — No Saint: Don't worry, Josh Latta. Everyone knew you were the asshole in your relationship.
  • — Finders Keepers: Josh's wife tracked him down and proposed after 3 months
  • — Sex Hurts: Josh's wife could go the rest of her life without sex - but NOT tomatoes
  • — Existing: Josh would smoke weed and drink to make it through life and marriage
  • — Bedtime: Not going to bed with your significant other is a bad sign for your relationship
  • — Frigidity: Guess how many times Josh fucked his wife in 7 years?
  • — Shacked Up: Josh and Erin live together now
  • — Flawed: Erin smokes cigarettes and Josh has insecurities
  • — Anger: Erin got mad when Josh ended their Match Game night early by getting too drunk
  • — Secret To Anal Sex: Fuck my vagina good enough and then I'll let you do anything you want
  • — 19 And Counting: Kat Von Dee met the 19th girl Jesse James cheated on her with during their relationship
  • — Blue Eyes: A new operation is available to change brown eyes to blue
  • — Run, Ashley, Run: If you heard someone else with your relationship story, you'd laugh at them


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