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Charlie Todd

Comedian best known as the founder of Improv Everywhere.
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KATG 1585: The Flash

I will happily suck your dick. May 10, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Titty: The cover of Time Magazine depicts an oversized toddler breastfeeding in reference to attachment parenting
  • — Outraged By Side Boob: Women who breastfeed in public are often overly confrontational about it
  • — Spider-Man: Parents encourage their kids to make complicated requests of downtrodden service industry workers
  • — He Came Out: Rihanna and Chris Brown are no longer getting along
  • — A Little Late: President Obama officially endorsed gay marriage. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News labeled his announcement a declaration of war on marriage.
  • — Perfect Human Being: Ted Nugent ranted on CBS News about how nice he is. If you find a nicer guy, he'll suck your dick.
  • — Jokes To Tell: Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere made flash mobs cool and popular
  • — Buzz: Behind the scenes of the KATG Flash Mob
  • — Blue Shirt: Charlie shot a video at Abercrombie and Fitch, but the camera man left the lens cap on the whole time
  • — Totally Normal: Charlie made a video of people saying nice things over a megaphone at Manhattan's Union Square, and he put beds on the N train to convert it to a sleeper car
  • — 4 Years Ago: Charlie started getting permission to do his MP3 Experiments when the numbers climbed into the thousands
  • — Magical: Despite being a politically active liberal, Charlie keeps politics out of Improv Everywhere
  • — Princess Leia: Charlie and his wife came up with a wrestling-themed prank for their wedding
  • — Poor Judgment: Improv Anywhere puts out a fake video every April 1st such as the Best Funeral Ever video
  • — Homeless Goof: Charlie's friends assume he's messing with them when weird things happen to them
  • — Homeless And Nowhere: Keith and Chemda solicit Charlie's advice on filming John Petrie


Charlie ToddCharlie Todd

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